Solving the Toughest UVM and SoC Verification Challenges

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The Road to Coverage is Paved with Good Intentions

A Discussion of Intent-based Coverage and its Practical Application on Advanced Verification Scenarios

At the recent Design Automation Conference 2023, Adnan Hamid, Breker’s CTO, participated in a panel that looked at the next generation of verification coverage. This 10-minute video is his presentation at the event, which discusses “Intent-based Coverage,” verification coverage analysis based on the original intention of a design specification. This has proven highly effective in understanding verification quality, particularly for complex scenarios such as coherency and security verification, scenarios that are hard to analyze using traditional techniques. In 10 minutes Adnan provides a discussion of the problem for these scenarios, how intent-based coverage may be generated and analyzed, why it yields better results, and how it may be applied to both coherency and security. For more information, or to discuss this concept more fully with Adnan, please contact us at

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Targeting Complex Power-­mode Verification using Breker TrekSoC™ and Portable Stimulus at Broadcom, Inc.

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