RISC-V Verification

CoreAssurance & SoCReady

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Breker’s SystemVIP Library & Solutions

System Coherency, RISC-V, Arm, and others

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Test Suite Synthesis

Leveraging AI Planning Algorithms

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SystemVIP with Test Suite Synthesis Amplification

Why Choose Breker?

Advanced SystemVIP with Test Suite Synthesis

Advanced SystemVIP

Prepackaged, automated, self-checking scenario verification library

Test Suite Synthesis

AI-driven, high-coverage, corner case bug hunting test content generation

Abstract Reusable Portability

Reusable abstract scenario definition, portable across verification platforms

What’s New

SystemVIP Scenario Library

Enabling high coverage test generation using AI Planning Algorithms, test cross combination, and concurrent test scheduling

System Coherency

System Coherency in a Multicore SoC

Arm SoCReady

Arm Integration Testing


RISC-V Core Integrity Test Sets

RISC-V CoreAssurance

RISC-V High-coverage Core Test

Power Management

Power Domain Switching

Security HRoT

Hardware Security Access Rules

Networking Gen

Automated Packet Generation

Performance Profiling

Analyze Performance Issues

What’s New